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Lifting of your nail product is a thing of the past. This a a special Rubber base different then all others. 

It is a newest generation of flexibel gels and these rubberbase are unique thanks to their gel strenghtening capacities. This makes the product extra firm and therefore more pleasant when filing, but at the same time the product remains flexible.

The rubber base goes up to 5 layers deeper into the natural nail.
Wich makes lifting a thing of the past. 

It is suitable for gel, acrylic, gel polish and EPIC Fusion gel.

Also very suitable for leveling irregularities/unevenness: both of the natural nail and acrylic such as file marks.

Also possible to make a small construction: First apply a thin coat and let it harden for 2 minutes under UV or 1 minute under LED.

Apply a 2nd layer and with the side of your brush apply extra product on the APEX and when leveled let it cure.

It is possible to extend the nail using a Nail form

Available in 27 colors (clear included).

  • Extra Durable
  • Great for reinforcing thin, brittle, splitting nails
  • Perfect combination of toughness and elasticity for extra durability
  • Superior flexibility and adhesion
  • Smooths
  • Thick Consistency
  • Soak off formulation

First apply a thin layer and cure. (UV:2 min. - LED:1min) You can apply a thicker layer and let it level.

  • Available in 5ml & 12ml bottle

  • Available in 5gr-15gr-50gr-100gr jar

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